Pauline Thomas Installation Video Artist




My practice has followed a process of exploring the sensation of time passing and the ephemeral. The moments that elude me and haunt my practice are the rare intervals where one glimpses an intense presence of time. Not the time of the clock or events, but the time of an invisible underlying order that takes place without us. These moments seem to suspend and linger in a strange sadness, accompanied by vague awareness of absence, waiting and incompletion.

Fundamental to my practice are my strong links between loss, memory and time passing. These are underpinned by my background in nursing elderly and terminally ill people, followed by training as an art therapist, in which I specialised in mental health, working with people experiencing loss in its many forms.

My search to find an image where absence and duration might coexist started with painting and evolved into fragile installations made of water, light and glass. Over the last seven years I have worked with the moving image, which like time is always disappearing and therefore a continuous loss. Through long static camera shots that highlight slow, solitary beats of time, I attempt to draw attention to underlying tensions between appearance and disappearance, stillness and movement, emptiness and fullness. I am influenced by ideas around the sacred alongside an Eastern aesthetic where contemplation of slow change can transform our experience of time.