Pauline Thomas Installation Video Artist

Requiem Mare 2013

Requiem Mare Video Installation
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Video Installation
Commissioned by Brilliance lighting up Poole

Scattered on the seabed, beneath the waves of Poole Bay lays a graveyard of ships and boats. Although hidden, these wrecks continue to be suspended alongside our duration, bearing witness to another substratum of time.

Projected onto the exterior of Poole Museum and into the dark waters of the harbour, ‘Requiem Mare’ is an ephemeral memorial to the boats and lives lost in these waters. Made in collaboration with Arabella Lee, this poetic montage is pieced together with images and texts excavated from the museums’ collection of maritime archaeology and historic records from The Lloyd’s Register of Shipwreck. This fragile eulogy traces and resurrects the tragic stories of the vessels and souls lost to these lethal waters and highlights what lies beneath the surface.