Pauline Thomas Installation Video Artist

Full Circle June 2013

Full Circle Video Installation
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Video Installation
The Crypt, St Giles Church, Camberwell, London

'Full circle, from handstroke to backstroke' is a collaborative installation by visual artists Arabella Lee and Pauline Thomas with poet Samuel Brenton. This piece brings the ringing of bells high up in the Belfry tower of St Giles Church down to the space below. Using their circular motion as a metaphor for the eternal - that which has no beginning or end, the Alpha and Omega, our projected images contemplate the passage of time, recurrence and renewal.

St Giles was rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1841 and consecrated three years later; a church has been on the same site since before 1089. Ten bells cast by the firm of Mears at the Whitechapel Bell foundry in 1844 were installed in the new 64-meter spire, the largest being the Tenor that weighs 1,220 kilograms. They are rung on the first Friday of every month and ringing requires skill and timing to swing the bell from mouth up to mouth up through a full circle from handstroke to backstroke to ring the changes.