Pauline Thomas Installation Video Artist

Fettered from Flight 2009

Fettered from Flight
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Bible and prayer book installation,
‘a place called Limbo’, group show
Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London.

This peaceful crypt below St Pancras Church is the final home of 557 people. The search for ‘a place called Limbo’, has led me to religious imagery portraying birds from the Annunciation through to the Resurrection. Installed on the graves of the founding priests, ‘Fettered from Flight’ explores moments that feel trapped or weighed down with uncertainty and expectancy. My sculpted birds lie helplessly trapped in prayer books, with no hope of redemption or salvation.

Tis a strange place, this Limbo! not a Place,
Yet name it so; where Time & weary Space
Fettered from flight, with night-mar sense of fleeing,
Strive for their last crepuscular half-being;

by Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1811

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