Pauline Thomas Installation Video Artist

‘The centre is the well…    The centre is the threshold…  The centre is mourning’ 2008

Braziers Residency
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Braziers Park International Workshop, Oxfordshire 2008

Documentation of video installation

Braziers Park International Workshop 2008 enacted a purposeful shift away from the idea of a residency as an undisturbed individual activity, to that of a collaborative disruption of existing modes of practice. Braziers Park initially put forward a number of manual tasks (useful to the community) that created impromptu groups. For eight others and myself this entailed collaborating on building a well. This task provided space for exchange and conversation, both systemic to collaboration, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the relationships that ideas emerge from.

This piece, made in collaboration with Katy Beinart, was inspired by sycamore seeds spinning into the well during its construction and explores ideas of time, repetition and loss. Installed in the dark cellar of Braziers House it reflects ideas of the hidden, forgotten and lost.