Pauline Thomas Installation Video Artist

A time, and times, and half a time 2011

A time and times and half a time

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Video Installation
The Belfry, St John on Bethnal Green, London

Reflecting on the history and architectural space of St John on Bethnal Green, this collaborative installation by visual artists Arabella Lee and Pauline Thomas with poet Samuel Brenton hovers on the themes of time and oblivion. The images and sound resonate and repeat within the confinement of the Belfry Tower in solitary beats of time that suspends between, beside, and across many other durations.

This installation was comprised of three video projections of the bells that hang in the bell tower above the belfry. Only one bell has been restored and is able to be rung. The projections reflect this by one bell ringing in a random order within the architectural space.

With reference to St John the Divine, who the church is named after, the image is overlaid with his apocalyptic words from the ‘Book of Revelations’ taken from the King James Bible.