Pauline Thomas Installation Video Artist

poetics of time




Arachne's Wait Breath of Unrest Drift A Breath Around Nothing
Late Summer Loomings Rhythm of the Continuum Dance of Infinity
Lost Horizons Undulation of reverie Quary Waltz Grace Notes
Broken Silence Winter's Silence Cradled in Clear Winter Tranquility Ghost Moon
Migration to Solitude Wind's Cradle Spots of Time Duree



To Tarkovsky, rhythms colour a feeling of time in the same way words colour a feeling in literature. Taking nature as my muse, this unedited collection of ‘found moments’ are meditations on our relationship to time within space and ephemeral beauty.

My background in painting, an appreciation of Haiku poetry, and the Eastern aesthetic of transparency and formlessness in Japanese ink drawings have influenced my approach to filming. Using long static reverential camera takes my living canvases are temporal openings that suspend the internal rhythms of time and space within each individual landscape.

These simple observations of moments are an attempt to draw attention to underlying tensions between appearance and disappearance, stillness and movement, emptiness and fullness.